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Absolute Blonde Font

Absolute Blonde Font

Greetings, everyone! Introducing Absolute Blonde Font. It has taken me a year to arrive at the design stage of the typeface, which went per se via all kinds of barriers. However, I will finally present the final product, which results from the collaboration with Samicreations from Fiverr.

You may perceive the similarity of the font to the famous Mattel’s Barbie vintage version lettering, and in no way, this is trivial. In many years I have searched for it, had numerous failed attempts, only to discover it never really existed, it was tailor-made for the brand. The old packaging of Barbie is still a treasure, so I spent a lot of time getting the images of it and carefully applying the transformation from raster to vector format.

Such project is actually my first typeface design work and it has given my love as much as my heart. I sincerely do hope you feel, like me, so intrigued to this story. And do not feel embarrassed to contact me with any feedback and suggestion.

Absolute Blonde Font hand-drawn Photoshop typeface is now available for use in OTF and TTF formats, which means you can spend hours creating new designs. Among the many values that a typeface could symbolize, the one I have decided to focus on is solely on the letterforms without numbers, glyphs, or other symbols.

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