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The Adagio Family is one of the projects of Mateusz Machalski’s, Warsaw Academy of Art Master Degree Diploma in multimedia studio led by Professor Stanislaw Wieczorek and daring Professor Jakub Wroblewski. Adagio is a modern typeface that belongs to the family type. It consists of 3 main varieties: sans-serif, serif and slab. They all have got their own “true italic” sets.

The total styles have more than 400 characters in 9 different weights. The Adagio which consists mostly of corporate clients. It was meant to develop a broad range of different styles which are systematically similar. Adagio Serif – Features in it great contrast and high detail in calligraphic cuts, what makes it light in feeling. Unlike the Slab version, serif type has an asymmetrical serif. Because of its extended width and stretched descenders, it is suitable to fill longer text, and the superline holds up well with small detail in headlines. Serif is a perfect typeface for Adagio Sans and Adagio Slab.

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