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American Captain Font

American Captain Font

American Captain is a 6-font family with full character sets and language support of Central European characters, Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew. OpenType features include: small caps, fractions, stylized sets, glyph replacements, etc. And here we go again with the descriptions. For my new font, American Captain, the boring part of my brain says I should use ordinary words like narrow and bold, sharp but blunt, heavy and tall; but somewhere deep inside the creative side of my brain, I know that font merits something more.

What is the use of describing things that you can easily see by yourself when you might not even know this typeface’s origins. What you may not know is that it dates back at least to the 1940s. You can even not realize how this typeface has been renewed and revamped and revitalized by generations of sign-writers and hand-letterers and determined type-guys that couldn’t put this thing out of mind.

This font represents the unrivaled power of one man who freed the entire realm from the scourge of despotism. This captain was a man of distinction and a true American patriot. And in this font is preserved his fighting spirit, his untamed willpower. This face is reserved for him, the captain America knows and respects, the captain American font designers like myself work hard to embody in their designs. So I call the font I have the power that is, The American Captain.

Similar Fonts

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These typefaces have similar features to American Captain, including boldness and impact, which make them perfect substitutes or judicious combinations for bold designs with patriotic touch.

In general, the American Captain Font is an exciting and unique choice for designers aiming at reproducing the patriotic spirit in their projects. The vintage-inspired aesthetic and versatility of the typeface American Captain allows designers to create designs that stand out and make a mark on various design applications.


1. Who is the designer of American Captain Font?

American Captain Font belongs to the Fontry design studio. Nevertheless, the identity of the designer or designers who designed this typeface within the studio has not been widely advertised.

2. Is American Captain licensed for commercial use?

American Captain can be used for personal and commercial purposes depending on the license you get from the designer or distributor. Other versions may need a licensing fee for commercial use.

3. Can I customize American Captain to meet my functional requirements?

While its license can be different, most American Captain versions allow for basic modifications like resizing, color changes, and adding effects. Nevertheless, it’s worth checking the license agreement to make sure that the usage complies with the guidelines.

4. Does American Captain have alternative styles or weights?

American Captain usually tends to come in a single weight with no other variations. Nevertheless, the designers can achieve differentiation by means of letter spacing, size and styling effects.

5. Do you have an American Captain font in variable font format?

Currently, American Captain is not provided in the variable font format. It usually comes as a regular font file with fixed properties.

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