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Angele Font

Angele Font

Angele is a very elegant and stylized serif font with smooth and graceful strokes and shapes. This elegant serif font is excellent for any project and has that timeless look that makes it a must-have in your font collection. You can use these very elaborate letters in numerous projects to enhance any design you wish to implement.

In addition to the exquisite typeface, Angele Font offers a delightful bonus: 12 hand drawn images which are well integrated with the font used in the text. They also assist in adding a certain touch to your designs and make them appear more elegant and stylish. From branding to editorial design, invitations and other creatives, it is quite simple to integrate them into any given project, therefore giving it a harmonious and esthetic look.

This makes Angele very versatile and can be put to a number of uses. Due to its thin design and delicate lines, this font is suitable for high-end branding and luxurious goods. It can be used to design beautiful logos, standard business cards or elegant packaging for your items in any market. It also has a very classical look and feel to it, which makes it ideal for use in editorial design, for instance, magazine layouts, book covers and articles.

What’s Included

Regular font (OTF, WOFF)
Italic font (OTF, WOFF)
Bold font (OTF, WOFF)
Bold Italic font (OTF, WOFF)
12 hand-drawn illustrations (12 PNGs)
Once you download this collection, you will be able to start designing it straight away. Have fun creating!

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