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Ariata, from Malou Verlomme, is three typefaces in one. Like moon phases, they gracefully meld from one to the other. The “Text” weights are sturdy designs that perform as well in blocks of copy as in the occasional headline. The “Display” versions of Ariata are delicate but confident designs that shine in large sizes, while the “Stencil” typefaces are eye-catching and provocative. Each version is available in four weights, from a forthright regular to a robust black, making for a comfortable family taking on various tasks.

The individual designs can be combined to create a distinctive yet cohesive typographic statement or stand alone as confident communication tools. If you want more variety, Ariata’s solid glyphic shapes will serve as a dynamic counterpoint to just about any Humanistic sans.

Space economical and distinctly original, Ariata easily creates commanding headlines and pulls quotes and subheads. Packaging, game branding, posters, book jackets, and advertising design are also within the company’s comfort zone. While primarily intended for print applications, Ariata’s full-bodied x-heights, generous counters and clear apertures make for a design at home in many digital environments.

Verlomme is an award-winning Senior Type Designer at Monotype. He has a degree in graphic design from l’École Duperré in Paris and an MA in Typeface Design from the University of Reading. He taught type design at several universities in Paris and still occasionally lectures and gives workshops. His typeface Camille has the honour of being part of the collection at France’s Centre National des Arts Plastiques (CNAP). Verlomme also designed Placard® Next, Madera™ and Johnston100, London’s new underground branding typeface.

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