Aristotelica Pro

Aristotelica Pro

Aristotelica Pro is the 2020 redesign of the rounded geometric sans designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli developing the original philosophy of one of the classic and best-selling Zetafonts typefaces, Arista by Francesco Canovaro.

Originally conceived as an exercise in restraint and simplicity, Aristotelica is typographic eulogy to the simple beauty of circular shapes, aptly named after the greek philosopher who pioneered formal logic.

It shows its strengths mostly in display uses and logo design, with a palette of moods ranging from the stark elegance of the uppercase hairline weights to the playful softness of the lowercase bold weights.

True to its universalist calling, it has however been developed in a variant text version that applies slight corrections to design and metrics to allow for better legibility in long body copy.

In Aristotelica Pro both the display and the text subfamilies have been complemented with a condensed version, though especially for mobile screens and other situations where space-saving is a concern.

Also the original language coverage (extended latin, greek and cyrillic) has been expanded with the inclusion of arabic language glyphs, bringing the typeface to a total of over 1100 glyphs and 200 languages covered.

The family is further enriched by the inclusion of Aristotelica Icons, a set of matching variable-width monoline icons that can be used to faultlessly match the typeface line width.

OpenType features includes stylistic alternates, old style and lining figures and small caps.

Aristotelica Pro Font


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