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Atomic Marker Font

Atomic Marker Font

Introducing ATOMIC Marker Font. This compelling and ostentatious face utilizes a real acrylic marker, and it maintains the splendour of high-definition brush detail in every stroke – the original one. It’s a fantastic handwriting typeface that would be ideal for headline texts, full poster designs, compact album covers, item package designing, merchandise, and logos, in addition to other things. The atomic Font system is represented by two fonts. Thus, if language will be preserved, it is just a matter of time.

Atomic Marker • Provides 2 superior sets of uppercase characters, toggle between upper & lowercase on your keyboard to select two different sets. Moreover, the font comprises 18 ligatures (two characters pairing), which can be obtained with the ‘Standard Ligatures’ option turned on and 6 Small Caps, which can be obtained by turning on the ‘Small Caps’ option. All characters are also featured via a Glyphs panel).

Atomic Marker Extras • This pack consists of 26 ‘doodles’ and 23 quotes that correspond with the underscores of each Atomic Marker font letter. Install the font directly onto your keyboard, type “A-Z” and “a-w“ to use the doodles, and “a-w” for the underlines.

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