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Badhorse Font

Badhorse Font

Introducing the trendy new font, called Badhorse, perfect for cool characters that combine the serif and script fonts. It is equally suitable for a broad concept of designing purposes such as titles, logos, signage, advertisements, invitations, letterings, T-shirts and more.

Badhorse Font Features:

Uppercase & Lowercase: Here, concerning all kinds of texts, Badhorse provides a full set both of upper-case and lower-case letters, that allow to use various varieties in text creations.

Stylistic Alternates (OpenType Features): There are options such as having stylistically different versions of a text or set of texts, which allows users to add style and individuality to the written content.

Ligatures (OpenType Features): Ligatures mean that there are no abrupt breaks in the curves which connect different characters and make the looking of your designs great.

Symbols & Punctuation: This is advantageous since a range of symbols together with appropriate punctuation marks means that a designer will be in a position to come up with good designs that do not miss out on vital aspects.

International Characters: Badhorse asks for and responds well to many international characters in a project and thus facilitates multilingual projects.

Whether it’s for strong headline text, sleek logos or those dramatic and daring posters, this package of serif and script styles is faultless for Badhorse. They are cool and have loads of divergent aspects, which makes this font a handy companion for any designer whose goal is to design some spectacular and enticing view.

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