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Bastro Font

Bastro Font

Bastro is a catchy retro serif font that represents a perfect balance between the laid-back atmosphere and the cleanness of the lines, which makes it a great choice for those designers who are trying to add some shade of the modern retro into their works. This font is very bold and dynamic for use in many projects such as branding and packaging designs and even advertisements and post cards and social media designs.

One of the leading tools on Bastro is the PUA (Private Use Area) encoding feature. It is possible to keep all the glyphs and the swashes in a single font, which means that all the additional characters are easy to select in the Character Map on Windows or the Character Viewer on macOS. This helps make the process of design more flexible and allows the designers to experiment with all the stylistic possibilities offered by Bastro and to incorporate them into the creation of new projects.

Moreover, by integrating Bastro into your design solutions, it will be possible to introduce a visually aesthetic appeal and an element within those designs that could elicit a favourable response from the customers. Urban digital and daring design quenches the thirst of any designer, bringing its strong presence and nostalgic aesthetics into today’s context. Thus, if you face a situation where you need artistic decoration for your works in the retro style or just want to add elements of the past to the present projects, Bastro is the font that will turn this wish into a reality.

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