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Berold Font

Berold Font

Berold is an up-to-date serif font which incorporates the style elements of the past into the fashionable gracefulness of the present. The stamp can be successfully used for various purposes, e. g. fashion, blogs, Instagram, branding, invitations, business cards, weddings, etc. It consists of three alternatives sets for both uppercase and lowercase for you to select the different font styles on the beginnings and endings of the words so that you can make your design personal and intriguing.

Berold comes with wide range of extra features so you can develop the design regarding exactly what you need. Whether you’re a home for a traditional serif, a modern touch or a minimalist design, Berold adapts easily to your ideas.

This serif font is the best alternative for logo designing, stationery, magazines, websites, and other projects that need a stylish elegant look. The multilingual interface of Berold incorporates the Russian alphabet in addition to English as well, providing a broader functionality.

For these alternative characters to become available, Berold must be installed with Unicode and design software such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, or Photoshop is necessary. Explore Berold’s full capabilities to impress your design projects with elegance and distinction.

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