Bluey Font

Bluey Font

Bluey Font is a charming and robust comic script typeface meticulously crafted with logos and various design projects in mind.

Many are familiar with Bluey, an animated series tailored for primary school children in Australia, produced by Ludo Studio. The series features a distinctive and endearing script penned by Joe Brumm. Since its debut at the end of 2018, Bluey episodes have been officially aired on the renowned TV channel ABC Kids, captivating millions of viewers worldwide, particularly children.

Utilizing the Bluey Font:

The font’s demo offers essential features free of charge, ideal for personal use. While Bluey Font has gained widespread popularity globally, it’s worth noting that it’s free for personal use only. Interestingly, the font used in crafting the series’ logo appears to be Magic Sound. Upon closer inspection, the similarities between the character lines of these two typefaces are striking. For further verification, one can delve deeper or download the Magic Sound typeface for comparison.

Bluey Font Free Download


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