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Bosca Font

Bosca Font

Bosca is a charming serif font with four styles within the family. This typeface is very universal and can be applied for numerous purposes. Depending on the specific design requirements, it may look quite traditional and modest or quite innovative and sophisticated due to its ligatures and other substitution options. These features enhance the versatility of your project and make it interesting, as they provide many ways to be creative.

Bosca font is suitable for headings, logos, and other key items, as it creates a clear emphasis. The lighter weights give a subtle, almost ethereal look that is ideal for style and design and is more refined and dainty. The weight of the regular is just right for a body copy with its fluid stroke and comfortably legible characters.

It has a clear and intuitive interface, it has OpenType features, and all the characters of this font have been given a PUA code. This makes it flexible and easily applicable to different design applications. In addition to the basic elements that include headlines, logos, and body text, Bosca is particularly remarkable in branding, editorial design, packaging, invitations, and web typography. It combines utility and beauty and makes any project look more beautiful.

Following international symbols support:

Full alphabet with Uppercase and Lowercase A-Z
Numbers, fractions
Punctuation and symbols
67 Alternates for Uppercase , also ampersand
29 Alternates for Lowercase
58 Ligatures for Uppercase
38 Ligatures for Lowercase
Multilingual support

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