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Brachetto Font

Brachetto Font

Brachetto is a calligraphy script font which embraces the traditional scripting style but adds a dash of contemporariness and the lavish skirts. It contains both a variety of glyphic forms (i.e., stylistic alternates, contextual alternates) along with standard ligatures and terminal forms. It guarantees limitless choices for the designers. The font is crafted with comparatively finesse and though with every smallest speech element provided for the comfort and ease it could offer when it is used.

The Brachetto packaging style that borders on being daring, yet smart in its visuals, is a great option for high-end stationery, invitation cards, posters, logo and labels, custom products, certain food images and everything else that needs to be given the elegance and premium finish. Besides the popular Latin set it also provides another Cyrillic one along with the respective Cyrillic alternates for people who live in Russia or Ukraine.

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