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Brandon Grotesque Font

Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is a display sans serif font family by HVD Fonts in 2010 and designed by Hannes von Döhren. This has become one of the most popular options for designers because of its simplicity, and it also has a hint of early twentieth-century sans-serif typefaces.

The font family known as Brandon Grotesque derives its design from the early twentieth century sans-serif fonts especially the ones created in the 1920s and 1930s. This period witnessed the emergence of the functionalist style aiming at simplicity and legibility. Brandon Grotesque embodies the essence of the said era, yet while incorporating with a contemporary approach and enhancements.

Design Characteristics

Brandon Grotesque is a geometric typeface with letterforms built from simple geometry, such as circles and rectangles, which makes it look fresh and uncluttered. It has somewhat rounded ends of its angles, which sets it apart from other geometric sans serifs, making it look less harsh and more friendly. The typeface has a rather conservative x-height or the height of the lower case alphabets, which helps to enhance its more traditional look by providing a greater differential between the capital and the small letters.

This choice, along with the fact that it comes in several weights, thin to black, makes it a very practical font that is an ideal choice for various purposes, from the text to the title and logo. This typeface also has a full range of characters that is available in many languages besides English; it contains various sets of numerals, punctuation marks, and signs, which makes it versatile for use in different projects.


Due to the variations in font styles and sizes, Brandon Grotesque is best to use in print and online media.

Branding: It is a popular font due to its versatility, and many organizations use it in their logos and branding materials as it gives a professional but warm feel.

Editorial Design: It is a good option for magazines, books, and other types of editorial design since it is easy to read and has a certain style.

Web Design: Owing to its numerous weights and geometric shapes, Brandon Grotesque is ideal for websites and other digital applications because it is easily legible on screens.

Advertising: The typeface design is modern but timeless at the same time, which allows it a good font in advertisements, where it can attract attention and convey information.

It is a beautiful and carefully designed typeface that has incorporated some of the historical aspects of the design with the contemporary approach. Its geometric shape, soft corners and low x-height make it iconic and universal, applicable for branding, publication design and many other fields. Its popularity and the number of awards it has received are the proof of its high quality and timelessness in the world of design.

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