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Breakfast Pastry Font

Breakfast Pastry Font

Breakfast Pastry is a beautiful decorative font family by Missy Meyer. He designed it with the specific feature of having round ends of letters whenever possible. The font’s journey starts as a simple handwritten font with a basic set of letters and is followed by a plethora of alternates and ligatures with playful swashes, turns, and even more ball terminals. Breakfast Pastry gives the font a lot of personality and a certain kind of cuteness to it.

Meyer also spent time refining the letters to make sure they were smooth and ready for cutting or printing while keeping some of the roughness to make the fonts look too corporate.

He also made a second version of the font as a filled one with no cutouts. To reverse this tendency, he created an even thinner version with less contrast and less weight. All three versions use the same character set with more than 700 glyphs and the same set of extras and alternates.

Each font includes over 300 extended Latin characters for language support, as well as more than 200 bonus items: additional letters: alternate letters, letters with swashes, two-letter ligatures, small caps, catchwords, and additional ornaments and elements. These features add value and flexibility to the fonts, giving them the ability to for various contexts.

All three Breakfast Pastry fonts include:

Basic character set (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, tons of punctuation)
Over 300 extended Latin characters for language support
230 extras! Alternates, ligatures, catchwords, small caps, and ornaments
Everything PUA-encoded for easy access in any program
Plus, I’ve made a handy PDF document with all of the characters listed – you can cut and paste from the PDF into any design program! (The PDF is in Breakfast Pastry Regular; since they’re all coded the same, you can C&P the codes in it for all three fonts.)

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