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Carson Font

Carson Font

Carson Font Duo is a two-in-one typeface design comprising of a classy serif and a temporary script, both convey and invoke ideas, elegance and a touch of casualness. With the blend of the modern design, it is great to be versatile when it comes to different projects of art like themes and specific industries. Ideal for both website enhancement as well as logo development and the creating of consistent branding for businesses, Carson Font equally shine in crafting catchy social media quotes and wedding stationery that is unforgettable. Whether your preference cuts to creating of business cards, invitations, blog graphics or advertisement materials then Carson Font Duo possesses this perfect blend of modern sophistication and natural style with the simple intent of giving your creative initiative the additional hallmark of flair.

Carson Font Features:

Full Set of standard alphabet and punctuation
PUA Encoded – no special software needed to access extra characters
Language support: All European languages
Multilingual Characters AÁĂÂÄÀĀĄÅÃÆBCĆČÇĊDÐĎĐEÉĚÊËĖÈĒĘẼFGĞĢĠḠHĦIIJÍÎÏİÌĪĮĨJKĶLĹĽĻŁMNŃŇŅÑ OÓÔÖÒŐŌØÕŒPÞQRŔŘŖSŚŠŞȘẞTŤŢȚUÚÛÜÙŰŪŲŮŨVWẂŴẄẀXYÝŶŸỲỸZŹŽŻ aáăâäàāąåãæbcćčçċdðďđeéěêëėèēęẽfgğģġḡhħiıíîïìijīįĩjȷkķlĺľļłmnńňņñoóôöòőōøõœpþ qrŕřŗsśšşșßtťţțuúûüùűūųůũvwẃŵẅẁxyýŷÿỳỹzźžż

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