Chromate Font

Chromate Font

Chromate – a charming family with 3 fonts in retro style of the 80s and 90s! The dense structure will give your project an incredible retro vibe.

There are 3 fonts at your disposal: Regular, Italic, and Script. This set covers all your needs and lets you keep the project in a single style. You no longer need to look for which font is suitable; everything is already here

Chromate Font Features:

Complete Set of standard alphabet and punctuation
PUA Encoded – no special software is needed to access extra characters
Language support: All European languages
Multilingual Characters AÁĂÂÄÀĀĄÅÃÆBCĆČÇĊDÐĎĐEÉĚÊËĖÈĒĘẼFGĞĢĠḠHĦIIJÍÎÏİÌĪĮĨJKĶLĹĽĻŁMNŃŇŅÑ OÓÔÖÒŐŌØÕŒPÞQRŔŘŖSŚŠŞȘẞTŤŢȚUÚÛÜÙŰŪŲŮŨVWẂŴẄẀXYÝŶŸỲỸZŹŽŻ aáăâäàāąåãæbcćčçċdðďđeéěêëėèēęẽfgğģġḡhħiıíîïìijīįĩjȷkķlĺľļłmnńňņñoóôöòőōøõœpþ qrŕřŗsśšşșßtťţțuúûüùűūųůũvwẃŵẅẁxyýŷÿỳỹzźžż
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