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Coral Blush Font

Coral Blush Font

Meet Coral Blush, the picturesque font pair of serif and script fonts that are effortlessly beautiful and well-coordinated. It also comprises 9 smooth paper textures, which will allow you to get straight to work and produce elegant designs within no time.

Here’s what included

Coral Blush Serif: A serif font with only capital letters, symbols, and numerals in capital letters.

Coral Blush Script: This is a realistic and textured handwriting font with the feel of fine handwriting that has been done with a pen. It has A-Z and a-z and 0-9 and all the commonly used punctuation and 88 pre-programmed ligatures for fluid and natural reading.

Coral Blush Script Alt: A different type of Coral Blush Script with its own set of upper and lowercase alphabets to enhance the options.

JPG format (A4 size, 300dpi), perfect for adding a bit of dimension and personality to your projects.

88 Script Ligatures: Improve the fluidity of your handwritten text with 88 ligatures that offer a realistic look to the writing. This feature is usually enabled by default in most design software but you can contact us if need be to help you enable it.

Extensive Language Support: Coral Blush is available in many languages, such as English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Indonesian, Malay, Hungarian, Polish, Turkish, and Slovenian.

Thanks to its refined look, functionality, and multilingual capabilities, Coral Blush is an ideal font suitable for various designs. Whether it comes to developing brand and logo, invitations, or social media graphics, Coral Blush will definitely level up your designs.

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