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Crake Font

Crake Font

Crake is a new high-contrast serif typeface that has a unique design that makes it different from the others. Balancing natural elements with strong geometric patterns, Crake displays this as an uncommon visual sensation.

Another fascinating thing about Crake is the appearance of the uppercase letters’ round counters, for example in A, B, E, F, P and R, which makes it even more natural. Through different stylistic sets, you can adjust the design to your taste, from a more organic type to a more traditional one. Moreover, Crake includes a feature of a lot of discretionary and standard ligatures so that there is more versatility.

The main purpose of Crake is a display, boosting x-height so it is also good for titles and short to medium text. Whether it is for branding, editorial layouts, magazines, social media graphics, or any other project, Crake is a typographic solution that can be used to elevate any design project.

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