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Cyrièle is a thin, chic, modern and creative serif font that is really unique because lowercases and uppercases have the SAME HEIGHT. This means that you have an almost endless choice of possibilities to make your project stand out. Make your text more stylish and individual.

Cyrièle also contains CATCHWORDS for Cyrièle to use. Use both upper and lower cases, mix up the keywords, to get the most out of it. This font is suitable for design, fashion, creative branding, editorial design, and web design.

FOR WEB USE: To use the 17 Catchwords, type ‘a zz’ before the desired word in lower case. For instance, ( zzlove, zzfor, zzthe, etc…)

Upper/lower case, numbers, punctuation and multilingual support.
17 Catchwords + Set of arrows !
Made with Love in Switzerland. Stéphanie.

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