Diamant Handwritting Font

Diamant Handwritting Font

Diamant Handwriting is an upright handwritten font, which looks like a thick pen stroke.

Form orientation is generally flowing horizontally, this is a reflection of composure in writing, we set the rhythm of each glyph so that the combination of high and low letters is very soft, try it, whatever you type with this font looks very calm.

Activate the OpenType feature, because this font is equipped with ligatures (liga), Stylistic(salt), Contextual(calt) and initial alternates. We present all of this so that your writing is automatically setup, we also provide access to all alternates (aalt) features, this allows you to choose the glyph you like manually.

We designed this font only for brand identity. Your brand will look different from other brands. You can also use it for short slogans to further amaze views and attract more customers to see you closer.

‘Diamant’ is another word of diamond that is often used in Europe, we give this name as a representation of the whole font as a symbol of luxury, brilliance and stability and comfort.

We do not extend the theory and philosophy of this font, you better try it yourself, and you will be amazed.


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