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ED Lavonia Font

ED Lavonia Font

ED Lavonia is a modern classic script font that is based on the elegant handwriting style from the vintage books. This beautiful font is incredibly detailed and comes with more than 90 stylistic sets as well as Contextual Alternatives, ligatures, and support for multiple languages. All these features together help to create an appealing product that will make your graphic designs more attractive and interesting.

ED Lavonia font is perfect for a wide range of creative projects, including but not limited to:

Logotypes: Design eye-catching and unique logos that can be easily remembered.
Printed Quotes: Make the inspirational quotes look as classy as possible.
Invitations and Cards: Create stunning wedding invitations, save the date cards, and general greeting cards.
Product Packaging: Add a touch of elegance to the package by incorporating traditional fonts.
Headers and Letterheads: Ensure that your documents and web pages look good aesthetically.
Apparel: Create modern and appealing logos for clothes.
Web Design: Make websites look more elegant with the classic script style.
Magazines and Books: For attention-grabbing headlines and sub-headings in print.


Total Glyphs: 472, which is very versatile and allows you a lot of options in design.
Uppercase Letters: Classy and chic fonts for emphasis and great effect.
Lowercase Letters: Well-designed lowercase letters for a smooth transition.
Punctuation and Marks: A broad selection of punctuation and marks for different designs.
Symbols: Fundamental symbols for an effective typographic design solution.
Contextual Alternatives: Self-modifying variations for the glyphs more suited to natural and fluid writing.
90+ Stylistic Sets and Ligatures: More than 90 stylistic sets and ligatures are needed to make your text stand out and look more sophisticated.

With Lavonia Script font, you can add traditional elegance to your contemporary designs and make your each project look as graceful as the script itself. For both digital and printed projects, this font has the flexibility and aesthetics to elevate the level of your work.

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