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Editor’s Note Font

Editor's Note Font

The Editors Note FAMILY is an extended range developed from the simple and sleek design of the original Editors Note. This complete includes 16 fonts, Hairline to Bold in both regular and italics styles, all while maintaining the distinctive clean lines, accurate curves, and cautiously minimalist look.

I can’t help but be fascinated by how the latest design movement combines sleek avant-garde aesthetics with classic freshness.

Editor’s Note is a crisp, sophisticated font in uppercase and lowercase. It is perfect for prominent displays, such as striking headlines, elegant quotes and compelling calls to action.

I was really impressed by how the italics and bold styles worked together, such as the empowering and written in italics quote, shown in image #3: “It’s time you start believing in yourself”.

Editor’s Note provides a very valuable characteristic in the evenly spaced lettering so as to help people to read with clarity and ease. For the trendy all-caps aesthetic like in the image #2, I would recommend to reduce the spacing a little (around -20 to -35 would be enough) for the sleek finish.

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