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Elisetta Font

Elisetta Font

Elisetta has been specially designed for the writing of texts and musical sheets considering all its elements and communication needs. This new typeface emerges from the blend between the lyrics and the harmony, rhythm, femininity and luminosity of the traditional musical forms. It’s not about blues or rock, tango or salsa. Instead, it recovers the neoclassical characteristics of the current musical notation system and revitalizes the essence of its signs.

Taking care of both the function and the form, This source of inspiration also makes the font suitable for extensive texts, since its design is based on situations that require high line performance, excellent readability and high aesthetic coherence. With 5 variables that vary in weight and style, the typography gathers asymmetry and organic nature in vertical structure, narrow horizontal proportions, high x-height and extreme contrast between black and white.

Elisetta Book has been created for the writing of explicit texts and long lines composed in small sizes inside and outside the pentagram; Elisetta Italic intensifies the organic nature of the musical keys by offering softer signs, contextual alternates and initial caps; finally, Elisetta Display increase and emphasize the contrast between vertical stems and horizontal lines to highlight short texts and titles. For those who love music and those who like romantic forms, this typography has much to offer:

Elisetta is the best option to write light words with style, compose clear and rhythmic lines and read comfortable paragraphs with high performance. You can tell everybody this is your font, how wonderful life is while you’re in the world! * This typeface was initially designed and supervised as «Elisa», the main project of the Master in Typography at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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