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Esther Font

Esther Font

Esther is a beautiful modern serif font. It is an upgraded version of Esther Regular, released a year ago. This font is comes with the package with two additional italic & elegant options – Esther Italic & Esther Extra Italic. Moreover, These three fonts come with more ligatures, more alternate letters, new combinations, and new swirls, with some that even look like script font ligatures – just check out the “st” ligature in the name of the font. In total, you will have over 250 alternates and ligatures in one serif font!

So, whether you have a client that needs a new chic logo or you’re designing your social media posts. Maybe you’re preparing your wedding mood board, stationery, or invitations; Esther Ligature font is just perfect for all of that and more. Check out the photos I have prepared for you to see what you can do with them. Happy creating!

Esther – Ligature Serif Font Family includes:

Esther.otf – Main font with 255 ligatures and alternates for an amazing look for all your projects
Esther-Italic.otf – Italic version with 255 ligatures and alternates
Esther-ExtraItalic.otf – Extra Italic version with 255 ligatures and alternates
255 Ligatures & Alternate letters
Lowercase and Uppercase letters
Numerals & Punctuation
Accented characters
Web Font Kit is included as well


The following letters are included: A À Á Â Ã Ä Å C Ç D Ð E È É Ê Ë I Ì Í Î Ï N Ñ O Ø Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö U Ù Ü Ú Û W Ẃ Ŵ ẄẀ Y Ý Ÿ Ỳ Ÿ Æ Œ ß Þ þ in uppercase and lowercase so Esther supports a huge number of languages.

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