Etelka Font

Etelka Font

Etelka was designed for purposes of corporate identities, branding, product package design and outside lettering. It works anywhere an extremely legible typeface is needed. Package and label design often requires a wide choice of weights and widths: light and narrowed fonts to fit huge amount of mandatory information’s onto a small box, or to squeeze text lines around a bottle, fat and wide styles to emphasize information on a poster or vehicle. The regular styles will serve well for business card, small texts and for your website.

Etelka’s design idea is wide, open rounded square. Some details are extremely minimized: lower-case “a, n” or “u” lack their typical spur. The typeface has a distinctive industrial expression with all diagonals slightly softened, and her overall strict mono-linear principle is exceptionally broken only for fine optical adjustments in joints.

Cyrillic and Greek scripts are present for international business, as well as rich latin diacritics. Etelka is actually very well suited for all kinds of visual communication, especially orientation systems in modern architecture.

The first drawing of the font, which was later named “Etelka”, was submitted in 2004 for the Czech Television identity competition and was rejected by the jury. We later concluded that the design was worth extending to the current superfamily of 42 fonts. It is a reliable typeface for corporate identities and websites.

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