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Factum Font

Factum Font

Factum is a classical style serif font that would create a certain mood and emotions even before one starts to read the text. It consists of 16 fonts. Using thick and thin strokes, mostly in Medium and Bold weights in the title sheet, cover art, or poster gives an elegant contour and rhythm. Still, Light and Regular styles work well in big type sizes as well as in headings. One more feature of the font family is Stencil styles that will let you have some fun with your text and logos.

The history and the cultural background of the classical design make Factum font suitable for texts and messages that relate to elegance, fashion, arts, literature, architecture, science, education, traveling, foods, cosmetics, beauty, and etc.

Timeless pattern and variety of weights and styles will make you use the font family again and again in different projects: Logo design, magazine articles and features, branding, wedding invitations, quotes, posters, advertisements, monograms, and much more.

Each font contains all the characters of the Latin alphabet used in European countries, numerals, punctuation marks and OpenType options like standard ligatures, discretionary ligatures and fractions.

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