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Figuera Font

Figuera Font

Figuera Variable – the new typeface for multiple uses based on the sophistication of Victorian serif types. Employing a contemporary technology of the variable feature, it is possible to control the width and weight of the text and work with the continuous fluidity of the typeface based only on one typeface family.

Figuera Variable comes in various formats to suit your needs, and it includes a delightful bonus: a set of stunning borders to provide retro accent to your artworks and crafts.

However, the absolute novelty of Figuera Variable is behind the curtain — technology. This newly invented font allows you to generate widths and weights that are not there in the font files. Discover a broad range of options for enhancing your graphic designs with this versatile and engaging font. Whether it is a logo, a poster, or a fancy invitation that you are making, using Figuera Variable you can easily make it look diverse and still sophisticated.

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