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Giorgia Font

Giorgia Font

Let me present to you Giorgia Font, an exquisite typeface with serifs to make your text pop. Its slender lines and conservative measurements give the outdoors a sense of elegance, making it unique and suitable for any environment. What really sets Giorgia apart is its array of discretionary ligatures – making lettering virtually limitless in possibilities.

It matters to create unique posters, build a distinct brand, and design meaningful headlines; in fact, Giorgia’s grace and legibility will help you shine. It also applies to editorial design, where its sleek invocations enhance its appeal to magazines, newspapers, and other digital media outlets.

Giorgia’s character metrics set and OpenType features give designers opportunities to produce even more extraordinary and individualistic effects. With the support of multiple languages, the app guarantees the possibility to deliver a message to people of different countries, and compatibility with various designing applications makes it possible for users to include it in their work.


Unicode PUA Encoded – You will be able to access all additional characters via the glyph palette from the operating system. Copy and past to use in any software.
Multilingual Support

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