Gist Font Family

Gist Font

Gist from Yellow Design Studio is an inline slab serif with a retro yet modern vibe. It’s a collision between monoline slab and indie script. With 627 glyphs per weight, it’s highly customizable…either keep it simple with the base character set or use ligatures, alternates and swashes for extra flair. All-caps typesettings have an especially retro edge. Line layers are included for adding color to the inline areas. As a bonus, try Gist Light for free!

Also available: Gist Rough, the textured letterpress version.

Opentype Feature Descriptions:

Ligatures – Enables the standard ligatures that fix overlapping letters

Discretionary Ligatures – Enables the funkier ligatures

Contextual Alternates – Enables the alternate caps and q, v, w, x, y, z alternates

Swash – Enables the swash caps

Stylistic Alternates – Enables the funkier h, k, m, n, v, w, y, z

Stylistic Set 1 (Same as Stylistic Alternates) – Enables the funkier h, k, m, n, v, w, y, z

Stylistic Set 2 – Enables the end-of-word alternates (terminal forms)

Stylistic Set 3 – Enables the alternate round lowercase a

Stylistic Set 4 – Enables additional alternate B, D, E, H, M, N, R,T, W, Z, &, d

Stylistic Set 5 – Enables additional alternate E, H, M, N, R, Z, d

Stylistic Set 6 – Enables additional alternate H, M, N

Stylistic Set 7 – Enables additional alternate l, t

Stylistic Set 8 – Enables additional alternate l, t

Stylistic Set 9 – Enables additional alternate l, t

Superscript – Enables the superscript characters

Gist Tips:

– In Photoshop try different ‘anti-aliasing’ settings for best results.

– In Illustrator if the line layers don’t align with the normal layers, change the “First Baseline” setting in the Area Type Options to “Leading”.

– Works best with opentype savvy application, especially those with a glyphs palette like InDesign, Illustrator and Quark. All glyphs can also be accessed in any layout software by using the application “PopChar” by Ergonis.


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