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Gladolia Font

Gladolia Font

Introducing Gladolia – a brand new grotesque script font that’s thick, daring, and absolutely perfect for all your 80s needs. The characters in this font set consist of a basic style and style oblique type, as well as extra styles with an extrusion feature.

Meet the stamp, Gladolia, that will allow you to make designs that look cool and retro without an effort. Designed exclusively for TV Times, the 80s throwback sans serif typeface is great for magazine cover lines, brochures, logo design, headlines, quotes and even small chunks of copy. It matters not if the task is as simple as a poster or complex as a website banner, Gladolia’s commanding personality will grab everyone’s attention and direct it to your message.

One does not always have to live a normal life when they can lead an extraordinary life. Ladies and gentlemen, let Gladolia bring back the 80s in terms of trends in hair, clothing, and music.

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