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Guffie Font

Guffie Font

Guffie is a clean, sophisticated, and delicate modern serif display font with high contrast. This typeface is specifically for fashion-related projects and is, therefore, ideal for creating refined and fashionable designs.

The sophistication and striking contracts give any design a touch of sophistication and sophistication. This makes it suitable for creating beautiful logos, stunning headlines, and luxurious magazine designs.

Ideal for use in many fields, Guffie truly excels at logo creation, giving your brand a stylish and distinctive look. It is particularly useful for magazines and editorials as it adds a professional and refined touch to your designs. Guffie gives you the readability you need for titles and headings, with a touch of sophistication to spice up your text.

It is best to use it for design invites, social media posts, and posters that are simple yet beautiful. This font can add elegance and style to any design, making it very useful for typography.

Experience the beauty of Guffie, a typeface that represents contemporary aesthetics with a touch of timeless grace. For any project that requires elegant and sophisticated design, Guffie is the font that will help create visually appealing and impressive designs.

Features :

Lowercase uppercase
Numbers and punctuation
Alternates & Ligatures
PUA encoded

Files Includes:
  • Guffie Regular.otf
  • Guffie Italic.otf
  • Guffie Regular.ttf
  • Guffie Italic.ttf

We highly recommend using a program that supports OpenType features and Glyphs panels like many of Adobe apps and Corel Draw, so you can see and access all Glyph variations.

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