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Huova Font

Huova Font

Introducing Huova a clean and elegant font that is perfect for your next design. This beautiful font family consists of 8 general use fonts that are particularly suitable for large and small-size uses, which makes this font family perfect for a variety of purposes. In terms of character sets, Huova offers support for basic and advanced Latin, as well as basic and advanced Cyrillic, thus guaranteeing its users comprehensive language capabilities.

It has been observed that Huova can be ideal for different designs such as the branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, and magazine headers. Due to its lack of extra details and intricate design, it brings a touch of sophistication into any project. From logos, branding, to print materials, Huova is a great font to use because of its versatility and refinement that can complement well to any design project.

Also, Huova is perfect for displaying text over the top of any background image in a fashionable way. Its simplicity and unobtrusiveness make it noticeable and beautiful enough to fit into any design and become its part. Huova brings elegance to visual communication through the use of social media graphics, website headers and other textual content.

Discover the elegance and usability of Huova and design mesmerizing patterns that will make people notice them and want to learn more. This beautiful font family provides extensive character support which will help you make your projects look as professional as possible.

Uppercase numeral, punctuation & Symbol
Light, Regular, Bold, Black
Outline Light, Regular, Bold, Black
Multilingual support
Basic and Advanced Cyrillic support

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