Jandus Road Font

Jandus Road Font

Jandus Road is a modified display typeface derived from a type style that many of us may recognize, but are unable to pinpoint. It’s a style that we all interact with on a daily basis, and we rarely take notice. The category? US Highway fonts. That’s right, there is an entire category of fonts developed and designed specifically for traffic control devices and signage.

Jandus Road takes the simplicity of a Highway font and infuses vintage flare with softened corners, slight width variation, slanted leg details, and raised counters. A perfect balance of legibility and mid-century design influences.

Create bold typographic statements with 12 different font styles. Perfect for packaging and branding projects looking to create bold impact with a retro flare.


12 different type styles

  • Regular
  • Oblique
  • Depth (3D effect)
  • Oblique Depth (3D effect)
  • Condensed
  • Condensed Oblique
  • Condensed Depth (3D effect)
  • Condensed Oblique Depth (3D effect)
  • Extended
  • Extended Oblique
  • Extended Depth
  • Extended Oblique Depth (3D effect)


Originally developed in the 1940’s, Highway Gothic was developed by the U.S. Government to standardize all typography used on highway signage. Before this standardization, road signage was primarily hand painted and was increasingly illegible as automobiles began to move faster. Highway Gothic was designed with minimal thick-to-thin contrast, large open counters, and distinct characters. Perfectly legible at highway speeds.

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