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Kenac Font

Kenac Font

Kenac is a clean, and minimalistic serif font that combines the timelessness of the roman type, the spontaneity of the calligraphy, and the complexity of the victorian era. This combination leads to a font that is distinctive and extremely practical for use in various designs.

Kenac Font is unique with its unique shapes, having a single modulation and a high contrast between the heavy and light parts of the typeface. This unique graphic element gives Kenac a more elegant and stylish appearance when used for titles. This font has great visual appeal because it incorporates both the modern and traditional aspects of font design to effectively complement any design project.

For ease and flexibility, the Kenac family comes in five strategically chosen weights. Each weight is special to keep the font’s identity intact yet adaptable to various situations that a designer may encounter. Furthermore, the italics in the matching make it a perfect choice for continuous text. This balance between variety and consistency makes Kenac ideal for headlines or body text.

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