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Lamour Font

Lamour Font

Lamour is a condensed serif font that brings a rich and elegant look with its elegant and clean design. This font offers 49 special ligatures and thus gives its design a special look which is not common with other fonts.

The name Lamour means Love which is something that is very precious in life and each and every one of us should appreciate it. The design of Lamour is quite simple and elegant, and this makes it suitable for various premium uses. It is an elegant font that is suitable for high-end logo designs, premium invitations, classy cards, and high-end product packaging. The unique ligatures, however, give the designs that extra flair which allows your projects to be easily distinguishable.

As a design, Lamour is very flexible and suitable for both online and offline platforms. It can enhance the aesthetics of websites, social network profiles, magazines, and advertisements, providing a finished and professional appearance.

The font is sleek and takes up less space which is perfect for titles, branding, or any design where you want to be assertive and sophisticated.

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