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Limon Font

Limon Font

Limon was handcrafted entirely in the digital environment, but attention was given to all the curves, and it looked handmade. The Scripts are brilliant scripts that carry several alternates, endeavouring to maintain the calligraphic rhythm. Limon is a perfect selection for menus, covers of magazines, wedding cards, cards, and all kinds of stationery, packaging and labels. Positional forms pop up when the standard ligatures and contextual alternatives are enabled. Just turn them on and let the Limon Script do everything for you. It is imperative to ensure that every part’s connection is good-looking.

In addition, you can turn on the stylistic alternates, swash, titling, and stylistic sets to have all the font options in HD for capitals, initials, and terminals. Altogether, each script font exponentially increases its glyphs to more than 2900 characters, available for every alternate. Use software that can easily be loaded into Open Type. In addition, you might lose some glyphs since they were not unlocked. Limon offers users instant translation of Western, Central, and Eastern European languages. For more details about the weight of Limon Script, and other buying options, check my shop.

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