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Modern Gothic Font

Modern Gothic Font

Modern Gothic is an original experimental Font created as a Display Typeface in particular. Being built upon the basis of Old Black Letter and Sans Serif fonts, the Modern Gothic Family happens to be a mixture of historical appeal and contemporary elegance.

The Modern Gothic Family is distinguished by its sharp contrast strokes, which enable it to stand out as bold and vibrant. This opposition helps to highlight the individual nature of the letters, accenting the font’s effectiveness in captivating headlines and display texts.

Experimental in nature, Modern Gothic is also surprisingly readable even in the smallest sizes because it deliberately omits decorative embellishments. With a clear and legible style that avoids decorations in each character, this font can be used in all sorts of designs.

Whether in branding materials, posters, website headers, or editorial layouts, Modern Gothic is an expressionist typeface that allows designers to create a drama and a bold statement with their typography. Combining historical inspiration with a modern twist, the Modern Gothic Family goes beyond the ordinary by being a vivid example of typographic artistry.

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