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Monarque Font

Monarque Font

Monarque is a beautiful and elegant serif typeface for brands that want a powerful and deep impression from their Typography. Its harmonious, expressive design with big, clear x-heights, contrasting thick and thin strokes, soft curves, and fine serifs carries your message confidently and with style.

The Monarque-type family still adheres to tradition while incorporating the aspects of today’s world, and that is why it is as perfectly suitable for projects that need something extra. Some of these fonts are developed as all uppercase letters, while others come with numerous stylish uppercase ligatures that easily connect to make the text read better. The genuine italics blend seamlessly with the romans in the text lines while delivering a stunning opposites theme. .

Digital Monarque features a versatile and charming appeal that enhances a diverse range of design domains. As such, it proves quite versatile for editorial projects or branding efforts and is impeccable in headlines or short to middle-length texts.

It features a basic package with two weights, thus four fonts at a user’s disposal, and extends to more than 200 Latin-based languages. This is in consideration of OpenType features, which comprise a stylistic set of alternates, contextual alternates, discretionary and standard ligatures, old-style figures, small caps, and case-sensitive forms.

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