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Monstice Font

Monstice Font

Monstice Font Family is an elegant, playful, and decorative font family, comprising five distinctive styles: Base, Engraved, Inline, Hatched, and Emboss. All of the styles are derived from a basic serif type, which then develops into different forms providing versatility for any design. Furthermore, Monstice Family features additional design elements that make it even more versatile.

The font is versatile and is appropriate for use in displays, headers, posters, book covers, packaging, and more. Each character of the Monstice Family has OpenType features such as swashes, ligatures, and other alternates. All these combined with the additional decorative elements make the font quite versatile and enable designers to come up with their own variations.

Monstice Font Family’s combination of class and fun is perfect for any project that needs a bit of style without being too serious. This makes each design unique and attractive and due to the numerous features it offers, one can create any design they wants.

Monstice Includes

5 font files
1 shadow and 1 Extras

  • Monstice Base
  • Monstice Emboss
  • Monstice Engraved
  • Monstice Hatched
  • Monstice Inline
  • Monstice Shadow
  • Monstice element
  • Fonts include multilingual support

Note This font can be installed in all software that can read standard fonts. Accessing the swashes or opentype features you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign, or Adobe Photoshop CC.

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