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Munky Font

Munky Font

Presenting Munky, a slightly aggressive serif font that is similar to a heaping spoonful of typographic joy.

Munky, the clown of the bunch, is optimistic but naughty. Its chunky and weighty serifs and wacky shapes make it especially appealing. Munky looks great for bold headlines, but it also remains highly readable and appropriate for sentence cases.

It lends itself versatility to be suitable for branding and packaging as well as books, invitations and similar things where you don’t want to sound too childish but still want to convey a relaxed vibe.

However, Munky would be more like John Candy if it were a celebrity and not the sophisticated John Malkovich— who is friendly, loveable and spoilt with character. Sure then spice things up with a hint of Munky style and see what eye-grabbing pieces you can pull off!

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