Myhtring is a spine-chilling display font that will cast a spell of fear on your designs. Designed in uppercase and with a bold weight, this typeface demands attention and exudes an aura of darkness and mystery. Each letter is meticulously crafted with details resembling menacing plant roots with sharp edges, adding an eerie and sinister touch to the font. With its bold weight and uppercase design, this font creates a powerful and impactful presence. The root-like details in each letter of Myhtring give the font an organic and unsettling appearance, as if the letters are entangled with malevolent and ancient roots. These haunting details add a sense of otherworldly energy and create an atmosphere of foreboding and suspense. The combination of bold weight and sharp-edged root details gives this font a sinister and enigmatic look, evoking images of dark and sinister forces lurking in the shadows. The letters seem to possess an aura of malevolence, making it an ideal choice for projects that delve into the horror and the supernatural. For the best legibility you can use this font in the bigger text sizes. Enjoy the available features here.


  • Alternates
  • Multilingual Supports
  • PUA Encoded
  • Numerals and Punctuations

Mythring fits in headlines, logos, movie posters, flyers, invitations, branding materials, print media, editorial layouts, headers, and any horror-themed project. Find out more ways to use this font by taking a look at the font preview.

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