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Nighty Font

Nighty Font

Nighty is a vintage serif font with the tagline, ‘We’re here for nostalgia!’ Nighty is groovy, retro, and unique, harking back to the 1970s. This font is ideal for any project that seeks to recreate the atmosphere of the past and give your work a nostalgic feel.

Perfect for nostalgia and retro moods and logos, Nighty will take your viewers right back to the 70s disco, flared trousers, and vinyl records. It has 95 alternate and ligature characters that you can use in order to achieve the perfect vintage look in your designs. The designer crafts each character with precision and embodies the fun and free-spiritedness of the 70s. Nighty is not just a font, it’s a ticket to a time when people were not afraid to express themselves and create.

Due to its distinctive look, it is best to use for numerous purposes including logos, labels, flyers, social media content, and t-shirts. This makes the font suitable for different design purposes because it still has that retro appeal despite the ability to fit into many design needs. Apart from the aspect of beauty that Nighty has to offer, it is designed in a way that makes it easy to use. The alternates and ligatures are readily available to use and play around with in order to achieve the desired style for your project. If you are working on a retro logo or vintage poster or simply want to incorporate some nostalgia into your social media graphics, Nighty has all the tools you need.

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