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Officially Funky Font

Officially Funky Font

Funky is a brand-new, creative, and unique font duo. It is part of my font duo series, and after French Lovers and Silver Garden, it was time to create a font that is both modern and nostalgic. It is a two-in-one font, where the sans make it modern, and alternate serif letters and cool ligatures will make each project 100% unique. The font also includes over 45 ligatures, and I am sure you will love this funky vibe.

It also includes full language support, punctuation, numerals and detailed instructions on how to use alternate letters in most of the apps on your computer and in Canva.

I invite you to check out the preview images, and I hope you will be immersed in my vision for this creative typeface that, I am sure, will work for all kinds of interesting projects you might be working on this year.

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