Onthel Font

Onthel Font

We introduce the ‘Onthel’ font. This font is inspired by Onthel Bicycles, this is a Dutch design bicycle that is characterized by an upright sitting position and has a very strong and high-quality reputation.

here’s the Onthel font. a bold-script with a touch of rhythmic brush that is very charming and has character.

Onthel fonts have many alternate, 3-4 alternates choices for uppercase and 5-7 choices for lowercase. This font is also equipped with a ligature and 26 swash to strengthen the brush stroke character.

please install ‘Onthel Swash’. now you only need to press A-z on your keyboard to display swash.

What else? we also give you a bonus 6 editable.

Why? because this font is logotype font, it is nice for branding your products and business, this character is suitable for the types of business that is masculine and sports that encourage adrenaline.

Finally … we thank you for looking at our products, hope you are interested, please leave a message if you need further assistance and please give a sweet rating


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