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Organetto Font

Organetto Font

Organetto is a sans serif font influenced by the Art Deco posters’ lettering, and it celebrates the new digital type technology. This font is brilliant because it has varying widths that can fit into every design need.

Besides using functional geometric shapes and different widths, Organetto also contains alternate characters to offer more design choices. Each characteristic gives the font a high rating for graphic designers and art directors, as well as names, wordmarks, short text, etc.

Organetto is a geometric sans-serif typeface with modern proportions and straight-edge terminals. It has 7 weights, from Hair to Ultrabold, 7 widths, from Ultra-Condensed to Expanded, and a character set with 397 characters that support 180 languages. Organetto also has OpenType features: 3 options of alternates, catchwords, and titling.

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