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Oruguitas Font


Oruguitas is a modern and elegant serif font which captures and reflects the character of traditional typography. It has a pack of 20 ligatures only for the upper-case letters which makes your designs more beautiful and provides the opportunity for effective text placement. The font is available in two styles: regular and italic, which makes it ideal for use in conjunction with each other and to give your text some style.

Oruguitas Font has a classy style with thick and extremely thin lines to give the design a classic and modern touch. This combination make sure that the font is still very legible even when used on smaller scales. Whether you are designing logos and business cards, magazines and newspapers, websites and blogs, or other types of printed materials, Oruguitas will offer you flexibility and elegance, improving the looks of your pieces.

Furthermore, the font has a contemporary interpretation of the classic serif, which means it is suitable for practically any project – from wedding invitations and covers of books to corporate logos and advertising posters. Oruguitas is not only attention-grabbing but also denotes elegance and heritage. Bring your style to the next level with Oruguitas, a beautiful combination of traditional and trendy looks.

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