Paris Font Duo

Paris Font Duo

Say hello to Paris, a beautiful new font duo featuring a pencil textured SVG script! Create gorgeous invitations, quotes, mood boards, and more with a delicate, realistic pencil script and a bold, minimal sans (in both italic and regular styles). You also get a bonus pack of 16 gold elements to use in your beautiful design work!

What do I get?

Paris Pencil, an SVG script with the pencil texture built in. SVG fonts currently only work in Photoshop CC 2018 and Illustrator CC 2018, but you can use Paris Script as a solid version in any program. It also includes a whopping 79 ligatures, so your letters will flow more naturally.

Paris Script, a solid version of the SVG script that comes in both TTF and OTF formats. This script looks beautiful and will work in any program. Includes foreign language support. It also includes 79 ligatures, so your letters will flow more naturally.

Paris Sans, an all-caps modern sans serif that is the perfect complement to the script. I love layering the SVG script with this one for quotes, Instagram posts, and more! Includes foreign language support. (TTF & OTF formats)

Paris Sans Slant, an italicized version of the all-caps sans serif. Pairing the script with this variation will help give more movement to your typography. Includes foreign language support. (TTF & OTF formats)

BONUS: 16 High Res Gold Elements! As a bonus, you’ll also get my Gold Textures Pack, which includes 16 high res textures made from real gold paint. And they come in .png format, so they don’t have a background color and look great on top of any photo, light or dark color, or other texture. I really love using these for mood boards.


Photoshop: Select “Color Overlay” from the Blending Modes option in Photoshop, and set the color you’d like to change it to. You can access Blending Modes by double clicking the text layer or clicking the “fx” button at the bottom of the layers panel.

Illustrator: Rasterize your text (Object Rasterize), and then adjust via color balance (Edit Edit Colors Adjust Color Balance) and play with the sliders until you get the color you want (make sure the preview box is checked!)


Photoshop: Type in your text, and then go to Edit Transform Skew. There will be 8 points that appear, one on each corner of the text box, and one in between each of those points. Select the middle point on the far right side, and click and drag it upwards to slant your text!

Illustrator: Type in your text, then go to Object Transform Shear. Make sure the Preview box is selected, set your “Axis” to vertical, then adjust your shear angle.

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