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Pasta Font

Pasta Font

It is time to introduce you to “Pasta”, the retro serif font that is inspired by the design aesthetics of the 70s. This was the period that had subdued colors, funky styles, heavy and prominent fonts, and logos with three dimensions. Pasta embodies this spirit well and is therefore suitable for designing interesting and attractive products.

The font is easy to use and comes with 100 ligatures and various stylistic sets (ss01-ss05) that are enabled through OpenType format. In case your design software does not have glyph palette, do not worry, we have provided a character map in PDF. This helps you to access hidden characters in our OpenType fonts with ease. To use a character from the PDF for your work, you just have to select the character, then copy it to the clipboard and paste it into your application while using the Pasta font.

”Pasta” is a clear way to convey a powerful message for logo designs and can be used as the foundation for any project. Its style can be easily adapted for use in various forms of media such as t-shirts, posters, signboards and social media graphics.

Whether you’re working on a print project or creating something digital, “Pasta” will bring a sense of nostalgia and contemporary style to your designs that will make your work easily recognizable.

What you will get:
  • Pasta Regular OTF
  • Pasta Regular TTF
  • Pasta Regular WOFF
  • Pasta Regular WOFF2
  • Pasta 3D OTF
  • Pasta 3D TTF
  • Pasta 3D WOFF
  • Pasta 3D WOFF2
  • Pasta characters map .pdf

A-Z Character Set
a-z Characters set
Numerals & Punctuations (OpenType Standard)
Stylistic Alternates (01-05)
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