Price Check Font

Price Check Font

Price Check is a display typeface modeled after hand-painted characters commonly seen in supermarket signage in the mid to late 20th century.

Price check is a heavy-handed sans serif with slightly flared edges to mimic the way a brush would shape each character. Sign painters mastered the art of typographic impact, but because of the hand drawn nature, there were always imperfections. Price check introduces these subtle imperfections in a few ways. First, specifically chosen characters (like the”N”) have inconsistent baseline and cap heights. This way, as you type, the characters seem to dance slightly on the page. Secondly, many of the characters have slightly arched vertical and horizontal strokes. This again mimics the way a brush stroke would interact with paper.

Create bold typographic statements with 3 different font styles. Perfect for packaging and branding projects looking to create bold impact with a retro flare.


3 different type styles

Regular Extended Condensed

4 Vector Extras – Commonly used shapes and elements from hand painted signs (Starbursts, 3D frames, etc.)

3 Alternate characters – Because numerals and prices are used so frequently with this style, smaller, more stylized versions of the dollar, cent and percent signs are included.

Diacritics & Umlauts – Multi-language support through glyphs common in Latin script characters (English, French, Spanish, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish


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